2020 / / Professional

Measuring Faucet

  • Company
    fennitu design, China
  • Lead Designer
    Guofeng Hu
  • Design Team
    Rui Liu,Zhenghua Hu,Zhengyu Hu
  • Client

We will encounter such a problem when we use a big water container to connect purified water, we have to wait for a while because the tap has a small amount of water. In this case, we often choose to do other things. When we think of it, the water has overflowed for a long time and wasted a lot of water.
Measuring faucet arises from this. If we need to wait for water or want to arrange a time as a whole, as long as we rotate the disc to a certain scale, the flow of water to a fixed amount will automatically stop, which brings us some convenience in life, and also plays a role in saving water.

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Other prizes
2018 IF Award 2018 Red Dot Award X2 2019 Red Dot Award 2019 K-DESIGN AWARD X2 2019 European Product Design Award X3

Photo Credit: Fennitu Design