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2022 / Industrial And Life Science Design / Aids/Prosthetics / Professional

35Newtons® - FirstPlug®

  • Prizes
    Winner in Industrial and Life Science Design/Aids/Prosthetics
  • Company
    Andrew Bowen Designs LLC, United States
  • Lead Designer
    Andrew Bowen
  • Design Team
    Yi Tang
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With dental implant procedures dentists have the issue of later accessing the abutment screw. After a tooth is connected to the screw, it is capped with a filler which ends up clogging the screw head. Ad hoc remedies, such as plumber's tape, are often used as a barrier which leads to bacterial growth and infections. FirstPlug is biocompatible, bacteria impervious, expunges moisture, and is made in the USA. The dispenser design is airtight, allows one handed opening, prevents material fall back, includes finger recess, cutter, measuring strip, volume indicator, and is made from recyclable PP.

Andrew is an American Canadian Industrial Designer based in San Francisco, California. As a design, engineering, and branding consultant his work includes a diverse array of consumer, commercial, medical, and professional products that address user needs, market trends and opportunities while considering best manufacturing processes, business returns, as well as social and environmental impacts.

Other prizes
2022, Silver Winner: MUSE Creative and Design Awards - Aids / Prosthetics 2022, Finalist: Medical Design Excellence Awards 2022, Bronze Prize: IDA Design Awards - Industrial And Life Science Design 2022, Official Selection - London International Creative Competition 2021, Gold Prize: NY Product Design Awards - Medical Devices & Technology: Dental Equipment 2020, Winner: European Product Design - Industrial and Life Science Design / Medical/Scientific Machinery 2015, Fellows Award Recipien: NYDesigns 2013, Winner: North American Office Products Award 2010, Corporate Sponsorship: Herman Miller Healthcare 2008, Memorial Scholarship - Paul H Klett Iii

Photo Credit: Andrew Bowen Designs Llc