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2022 / Toy Design / Musical Toy / Student

Animal Musician

  • Prizes
    Winner in Toy Design/Musical Toy
  • Lead Designer
    Weicheng Duan
  • Design Team
    Li long , Ye feng
  • University
    Communication University of Zhejiang

Animal Musician combines music with blocks and tells stories with music, allowing children to play music while playing blocks.As a product that combines music with blocks, Animal Musician intends to help more children feel the charm of music when they are playing with toys. It consists of magnet blocks in the shape of animals, plants and stones, and scene planks. Different music stories can be created with various combinations. Children can create infinite music with wide choices of planks, animals, plants, and stones as well as different placing of each element.It is more versatile than other

Photo Credit: Weicheng Duan