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2022 / Home Interior Products / Bathroom Fittings/Appliances / Student

The Drying Water-a shower of water saving concept

  • Prizes
    Winner in Home Interior Products/Bathroom Fittings/Appliances
  • Lead Designer
    Yiming Lei、Shaoping Guan
  • Design Team
    Zhihao He、Hongyun Wang、Xuyi Wei、Mengqi Ding
  • University
    South China University of Technology

The level of freshwater lakes in the world has been falling year by year. People's long bathing time is an important factor affecting the water level drop. The drying water aims to improve people's water saving concept. After the user starts to use it, the water level of the shower LED screen will slowly fall over time. The color slowly changes from blue to earthy brown. The glass lines and color changes on the screen remind users of water surfaces and cracked ground, make users aware of the impact of their own actions on the water level, and allow users to take the initiative to end the bath.

Photo Credit: Yiming Lei、shaoping Guan