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2022 / Packaging Design / Beauty and Health / Professional

Vichy Gift Box

  • Prizes
    Top Design Winner in Packaging Design/Beauty and Health
  • Company
    –Love, Ana. Design Studio, Croatia
  • Lead Designer
    Ana Tevšić Nauković
  • Design Team
    Ana Tevšić Nauković
  • Client
  • Project Link
  • Other credit
    Photo: Mateja Vrčković, Agency: Priredba Studio

This custom-designed gift box served as an introduction to a new product from Vichy. Mineral89 booster is a beauty product known for its bubbly texture. The aim was to introduce the product by slowly uncovering specific parts of it. Special texture of the product inside inspired the moveable parts on the outside, giving it a playful interaction. The box has a magnetic opening, which then reveals the blue insides that appear on the bottle as well and simultaneously introduces the product. The shape of the gift box follows the shape of the bottle and thus enhances its design in general.

Product designer and owner of a design studio based in Zagreb, Croatia. Working on custom designs, product designs and packaging projects with a keen interest in graphics and illustration.

Other prizes
– Winner of 2015 AZ People's choice Awards for Design Excellence – Silver in Home interior products / Lighting category at 2017 European Product Design Awards (Traveller Portable Lamp) – Excellent Product Design winner 2018 German Design Awards (Traveller Portable Lamp)

Photo Credit: –love, Ana. Design Studio
Credits: Photo: Mateja Vrčković, Agency: Priredba Studio