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2022 / Life Science Design / Aids/Prosthetics / Professional


  • Prizes
    Top Design Winner in Life Science Design/Physical therapy and therapy products, Winner in Life Science Design/Aids/Prosthetics
  • Company
    FITED, Switzerland
  • Lead Designer
    FITED Design Team
  • Design Team
    Wout Verswijveren, Berke Can Malkoç, Celia Lorente Camacho, Erdem Ay
  • Project Link

FITED is dedicated to fighting scoliosis with technology. FITED Founder Erdem Ay’s mother has scoliosis and has been struggling with back pain since childhood. 50 years since she began treatment, the same manual and imprecise methodologies of brace development are being used today. This personal experience with the consequences of inadequate treatment of scoliosis motivated Erdem to start FITED and to introduce precise digital methodologies and 3D printing into scoliosis brace making for improved brace acceptance and wearability thanks to novel features enabled by HP MJF 3D Printing.

Photo Credit: Fited