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2022 / Education / Self Learning Devices / Professional

Podcard Podcast Workstation

  • Prizes
    Winner in Education/Self Learning Devices
  • Company
    Guangzhou Rantion Technology Co., Ltd. , China
  • Lead Designer
    Banban Zou
  • Design Team
    Banban Zou,QianKun,BinBen Cai,ZhongFa Zhou,Sheng Chen,ShuYu Chen,Chang Le Liu
  • Client
    Guangzhou Rantion Technology Co., Ltd.

This live sound card workstation is used for webcasting and teaching scenarios, and aims to bring users a more convenient experience of tuning and production. The sound card podcast workstation has laid a new benchmark for live broadcast of emerging industry products in terms of sound effects, user experience, and interaction design. The upper and lower functional partitions are arranged, and black acrylic decorative parts are used as the boundaries of functional partitions. Through the contrast of colors and materials, it highlights The operation logic of the functional partition module.

Photo Credit: Guangzhou Rantion Technology Co., Ltd.