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2022 / Children Products / Safety / Professional

The Twin Bath

  • Prizes
    Winner in Children Products/Baby Products, Winner in Children Products/Safety
  • Company
    HJC Design, United Kingdom
  • Lead Designer
    Matthew Conley
  • Design Team
    HJC Design
  • Client
    Bumble Beez
  • Project Link
  • Other credit
    Laura Mcglade (inventor), Josh Palit (designer)

The Twin Bath is the world’s first bathing aid designed solely for newborn twins, 0-6 months.

The siblings and mother create close emotional bonds during pregnancy and beyond. The product is designed to promote this bond by allowing the twins to make physical contact to calm each other - whilst also giving clear line of sight to the parent/carer.

Over half of twins are born by C-Section, making twisting painful to the mother. The unit is front facing to the user and easy to setup/maintain to aid reduced mobility.

Safety is improved by supporting each baby independently in the water.

HJC Design are Yorkshire’s leading Product Design Consultancy. From initial concept through to manufacture, HJC Design create inspiring products and new brand identities that offer real value and bottom line benefit.

Photo Credit: Hjc Design
Credits: Laura McGlade (Inventor), Josh Palit (Designer)