2021 / Packaging Design / Sustainable Design / Student

Spring Mud

  • Prizes
    Winner in Packaging Design/Sustainable Design
  • Lead Designer
    Zixi Chen
  • Design Team
    Zixi Chen, Zhixi Dai, Hao Yao
  • University
    Royal College of Art

Spring Mud is a loofah seed packaging made of luffa sponge. It not only replaces traditional plastic packaging, but also good for growing seeds because its fibrous structure and water absorption are similar to soil. The inspiration comes from the process of cultivating seeds. To obtain loofah seeds, some seed company always need to get dried old loofah and discard the remaining luffa sponge at the same time. Therefore, we reuse the discarded luffa sponge to make the loofah seeds packaging, which makes it easier for users to let the loofah seeds sprout and make the environment better.

Photo Credit: Zixi Chen