2021 / Life Science Design / Physical therapy and therapy products / Student

E-YES Amblyopia Trainer

  • Prizes
    Winner in Life Science Design/Physical therapy and therapy products
  • Lead Designer
    Chien-Chen Lai , Fang-Ping Hsu , Prof. Kai-Chu Li
  • Design Team
    Chien-Chen Lai , Fang-Ping Hsu , Prof. Kai-Chu Li
  • University
    Ming Chi University of Technology (McUt)

E-YES is a game-based aid to correct children's amblyopia through exploration and training. Various modular combinations encourage amblyopic children to perform visual zoom, dedicated eye muscle exercise and color discrimination. The lenses on both sides of the telescope work with AR transparencies for children to imagine and explore. The lens in the eye and the ciliary muscle are exercised when the eye switches between near and far objects. E-YES is also a vision detector.Regular testing tracks changes in children's vision and detects problems for early treatment.

Photo Credit: Chien-chen Lai , Fang-ping Hsu , Prof. Kai-chu Li