2021 / Illumination / Desk Lamps / Student

Zipper table lamp

  • Prizes
    Winner in Illumination/Desk Lamps
  • Lead Designer
    Shuaishuai Zhang
  • Design Team
    Jiacheng Zhang, Ruiying Yang, Lei Wang,Jingxin Gu,Xianze Tang,Juean Wei,Yuanyuan Jin,Xuan Yu
  • Other credit
    Photo Credit: Shuaishuai Zhang
  • University
    Kunming University of Science and Technology

Whenever my coat zipper does not pull up, the cold wind blows, the body will feel a cold. When the zipper is pulled up, the body slowly warms. I extracted this feeling and designed a lamp. Redefine the switch key of the lamp and make a zipper switch.
When the zipper is at the bottom, the lamp lights up the cold color light, as the zipper pulls up a little bit, the light gradually warms, as if my coat zipper is pulled up, the body gradually warms. Turn on the light this behavior also becomes more interesting, warm.

Photo Credit: Shuaishuai Zhang
Credits: Photo Credit: Shuaishuai Zhang