2021 / Home Interior Products / Bedroom Furniture/Accessories / Student

The Squeezed Time

  • Prizes
    Winner in Home Interior Products/Bedroom Furniture/Accessories
  • Lead Designer
    Jie Liu
  • Design Team
    Hui Cao,Guannan Lu
  • University
    University of South China

Time is invisible to us but real. It is often said in traditional Chinese language: time is squeezed out. This means that we should seize the time. Is there a way to visually show the meaning of time and the feeling of being "squeezed out "? I try to visualize this intense feeling--- time can be like a bouncy ball held tightly by our hands. Through the squeezing of hands, “time” is thus displayed. The movement and psychological perception of squeezing will make people feel pleasantly surprised and relaxed, which cannot help making people associate with the meaning of time.

Photo Credit: Jie Liu