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2021 / Flora And Fauna / Pet Accessories / Student

Pet Cleaning Products

  • Prizes
    Winner in Flora and Fauna/Pet Accessories
  • Lead Designer
    Wentao Xu
  • Design Team
    Minjia Li, Ying Zhao, Xinyi Zhang, Peiwen Ye, Chu Zheng
  • Other credit
    Guided By: Xin Chen, Jialiang Lin
  • University
    College of Science & Technology Ningbo University

Nowadays, More and more young people choose to keep a pet. People like pets, not only because they are cute, but also because there are deep psychological factors behind them. They meet the psychological needs of human contact and comfort. But cleaning for pets is not an easy task, to make it easier for the owner to clean their pets without getting bitten or scratched, We designed this series of cleaning products, including oral brushes and hair brushes.

Photo Credit: Wentao Xu
Credits: Guided by: Xin Chen, Jialiang Lin