2021 / Other Products Designs / Industrial Machines / Professional


  • Prizes
    Winner in Other Products designs/Industrial Machines
  • Company
    Dener Taksan, Turkey
  • Lead Designer
    Ahmet Ibrahim Polat
  • Design Team
    Kanber SEDEF, Hüseyin YÜKSEL
  • Client
    Dener Taksan

TMU-500 is the 5 Axis CNC Machining Center with metal machining technology consisting of the combination of three linear axes and two rotary axes. 5-axis Machining Center makes it possible to machine highly complex shapes with a single CNC program in a single set-up which ultimately increases productivity by reducing machining and cycle time, maintaining high accuracy, more safety and energy efficient operations as turning, milling, grinding etc. It is user friendly with it’s 19'' touch screen control unit, automatic chip evacuation system and automatic tool change system.

Photo Credit: Dener Taksan