2021 / Office Equipment / Telecommunications / Professional

Carbon 1 MK II Smartphone

  • Prizes
    Winner in Media and Home Electronics/Phone and Other Communications Technology, Winner in Office Equipment/Telecommunications
  • Company
    Carbon Mobile, Germany
  • Lead Designer
    Firas Khalifeh
  • Design Team
    James Barber
  • Client
    Carbon Mobile GmbH
  • Project Link

The Carbon 1 MK II is the next-generation in mobile technology.

Engineered in Germany with a revolutionary ethos of materials first design; the world’s first carbon fiber smartphone is the lightest and thinnest 6” flagship device launching in 2021.

Carbon 1 is built with a robust, feather-weight carbon fiber monocoque chassis. This radical method of design replaces unrecyclable plastics with valuable materials, desired both in production and at the end of the device’s life. The structural frame reduces the need for bulky internal metal support.

Photo Credit: Carbon Mobile