2021 / Media And Home Electronics / Security Systems / Professional

Neptun Smart+ set

  • Prizes
    Winner in Media and Home Electronics/Security Systems
  • Company
    Ideation, Russian Federation
  • Lead Designer
    Anna Strupinskaya
  • Design Team
    Rezantsev Nikolai, Korotkov Sergey
  • Client

The Neptun Smart + control module, the central controller in water leakage protection systems, is a new breakthrough solution on the market. In case of system upgrade, there is no need to purchase a new module. Expand the capabilities of the system by adding boards easily to the existing Neptun Smart + case, made in modern design that secures power supply and has slots for expanding up to integration with smart home systems. The eye-catching yellow color of the Neptun Base ball valve stands out from the competitors. Its made of stainless steel meaning durable operation and home safety.

Photo Credit: Ideation