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2021 / Life Science Design / Physical therapy and therapy products / Professional


  • Prizes
    Winner in Life Science Design/Physical therapy and therapy products
  • Company
    Neongrey Gbr, Germany
  • Lead Designer
    Umur Sener and Jessica Nebel
  • Client
    Kentago GmbH
  • Project Link
  • Other credit
    Images By Neongrey Gbr

“TRICURO go” revolutionizes the way health professionals can measure tension and blockages in the back - usually caused by lack of exercise or one-sided physical strain at work - and present them to their patients in an understandable way. As the device can be magnetically attached to any smartphone and easily operated via app, it allows for fitness and movement checks regardless of location. In addition, suitable exercise programs can be derived for those affected. By showing the effects of those exercises it motivates people to do something for their personal back mobility and well-being.

Photo Credit: Neongrey Gbr
Credits: Images by Neongrey GbR