2021 / Home Interior Products / Bedroom Furniture/Accessories / Professional


  • Prizes
    Top Design Winner in Home Interior Products/Bedroom Furniture/Accessories
  • Company
    Rotobed, Denmark
  • Lead Designer
    Hans Sandgren Jakobsen
  • Design Team
    Hans Sandgren Jakobsen

RotoBed®Change rotates the user from sleeping position towards the floor in a chair position in less than 1 minute. RotoBed®Change enables people with pain/disabilities to get in and out of bed with little or no help, and with less or no pain. They stay mobile longer and experience more dignity and higher quality of life.RotoBed®Change has top quality electrical components from LINAK and is designed by award-winning designer Hans Sandgren Jakobsen. RotoBed®Change can be combined with the bed RotoBed®Classic for couples who would like to sleep in similar beds although one party needs assistance

Photo Credit: Rotobed