2021 / Design For Society / Designs for Social Impact / Professional

Urban Public Bicycle

  • Prizes
    Winner in Design for Society/Designs for Social Impact
  • Company
    Biella Research, France
  • Lead Designer
    Charles Carey
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    not applicable
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    not applicable
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A public bicycle for bike share, hire, lease, etc. It has a unique bolted frame design with minimum tooling and labour costs to maximise choice of manufacturing location. It requires low maintenance with an enclosed chain, and optional enclosed brakes and gears. Cities have the option for 'kit assembly' by social enterprise organisations. The light weight 12-15kg, flexible modular design (single or 3 speed, traditional or enclosed brakes, etc), certified frame design to ISO4210, and options for electric&cargo bike variants allows a step change in public bike use, tailored to individual cities.

Photo Credit: Biella Research
Credits: n/a