2020 / Industrial And Life Science Design / Medical/Scientific Machinery / Student

Heart compression assistant

  • Prizes
    Winner in Industrial and Life Science Design/Safety Designs, Winner in Industrial and Life Science Design/Medical/Scientific Machinery
  • Lead Designer
    Chun-yuan Chen
  • Project Link
  • University
    Designskolen Kolding

Heart Compression Assistant (H. C. A)is a device that can help people to resuscitate better in the cardiac arrest situation at home. By using the breathing lighting to release people's fear and unfamiliarity.
People generally fear to approach the person gets a cardiac arrest. They will be panic.
Therefore H. C. A can provide mental support to overcome the emotion. Also, the reliable function to make people have the confidence to do the proper heart compression.

A product designer full of passion. However my interest is including branding, interior, and architecture design. Design is universal which is my belief. I am intertwining the different design discipline, in order to create a great design work.

Photo Credit: Chun-yuan Chen