2020 / Industrial And Life Science Design / Medical Furniture / Student

Artemis 389 : Patient Transfer Equipment

  • Prizes
    Top Design Winner in Industrial and Life Science Design/Medical Furniture
  • Lead Designer
    Anuja Tripathi
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  • University
    Pearl Academy

In the Healthcare sector in India, Artemis 389 is a Patient Transfer Equipment designed to provide effortless and pain-free experience for both the patients and the Healthcare workers involved in the activity of transferring or re-positioning the former (patients) onto various surfaces inside & outside hospitals.
Artemis 389 aims at making the process of patient transfers simpler, smoother,more efficient and less time consuming. It allows the patients to feel more confident & comfortable during their transfers as well makes the activity less straining and tiresome for the healthcare workers.

I am Anuja Tripathi, a Product Design student currently residing in Mumbai, India. Curiosity and Empathy are two important factors that shape me as a designer. I intend on creating meaningful experiences for the end users. My expertise lies in both tangible and digital solutions. Artemis 389 was my self-sponsored graduation project.

Other prizes
1.Awarded 'Most outstanding Project' at Pearl Portfolio 2019. 2.Awarded Second Runner-up position for Industrial Design Project category at ADI Battle of Projects Student - International student Design Competition.

Photo Credit: Anuja Tripathi