2020 / Industrial And Life Science Design / Safety Designs / Student

Medical Masks for Preventing Recycling

  • Prizes
    Winner in Industrial and Life Science Design/Safety Designs
  • Lead Designer
    Zhang Jian,Qiuyu,Yikai,Sijie,Minghe
  • Design Team
    Zhang Jian Design Studio
  • University
    Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

After using the medical masks, we will discard them into the dustbin , but inevitably, they will be recycled and sold by some illegal personnel, causing the virus to spread again.In order to prevent the re-use of the discarded masks, Our new medical masks are fixed with thread sewing.After using the mask, pull down the ring on it and pull the line out. Then the medical mask is automatically layered. Finally, the mask disappears, only leaving the material.

Photo Credit: Zhang Jian,qiuyu,yikai,sijie,minghe