2020 / Home Interior Products / Interior Furniture / Student

Sitting and Leaning

  • Prizes
    Winner in Home Interior Products/Interior Furniture
  • Lead Designer
    Yahui Gao
  • Design Team
  • Other credit
    Photo By: Biagio Dell'aiera
  • University
    Rochester Institute of Technology

I design and create work that contributes to the transformation of an environment, bringing us closer to a feeling of home. Using the circle as a starting point for my design language, I make reference to Asian culture and Zen Philosophy. The circle means being together, harmony and completeness, and all-encompassing in Chinese culture and Asian philosophy. Also, the circle is a form that exists everywhere in daily life. Therefore, the circle becomes a primal connection to my work. I create individual pieces of furniture as well as other objects that share a sophisticated, cohesive atmosphere.

Photo Credit: Yahui Gao
Credits: Photo by: Biagio Dell'aiera