2020 / Home Interior Products / Household appliances / Student

Moisture-humidifier design

  • Prizes
    Winner in Home Interior Products/Household appliances
  • Lead Designer
  • Design Team
    Zhang Jian Design Studio
  • Other credit
    Photo By: Li Tianqing
  • University
    The Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

This humidifier is innovatively designed with two types of water absorbent materials for its exterior—water absorbent marble and white cement. When turning on the humidifier, the small water droplets generated by water vapor will infiltrate the marble and leave marks on it. And the accidentally spilled water will be absorbed by the white cement base. Users can intuitively feel the change of environment humidity by observing the moisture degree from its surface.This humidifier presents a more intuitive way to show subtle humidity changes in the environment.

Photo Credit: Li Tianqing
Credits: Photo by: LI TIANQING