2020 / Home Interior Products / Tableware / Student


  • Prizes
    Winner in Home Interior Products/Tableware
  • Lead Designer
    Jiayi Cai,ShaoShi Yan,JunJie Li
  • Design Team
    JiaYi Cai,ShaoShi Yan,ZhiPing Chen&JiaLiang Cai
  • Project Link
  • Other credit
    The Instructor Is Shaoshi Yan
  • University
    Macau University of Science and Technology

A set of flavoring tableware that makes food look like scenery.The common flavoring containers put together on the table,building a “Village”.Integrating with other tableware,the plate forms a picturesque sight.As we lay out our food,we enjoy the way we build a city,creating a warmer and more enjoyable dining scene at the table."Villages" is a set of removable ceramic suits seasoning bottles,With their wishes, users combine the bottles and define the service functions, Thus create more value and change our attitude towards life.

Photo Credit: Jiayi Cai,shaoshi Yan,junjie Li
Credits: The Instructor Is ShaoShi Yan