2020 / Education / Self learning devices / Student

“White” tactile cube

  • Prizes
    Winner in Education/Self learning devices
  • Lead Designer
    Lei Chen
  • Design Team
    Kun Li, Jianfeng Yue, Weilu Zhao and Yibo Ma
  • University
    Wuhan Polytechnic University

In China alone, 450000 blind people are newly added every year. Touch is one of the main ways for blind people to perceive the outside world. In order to make new blind people adapt to the environment faster. "white", which is composed of six different tactile materials. You need to touch carefully to judge their differences. In the process of repeated use, you can even buy different levels of "white" to improve your sense of touch. The appearance of "white" can make the new blind people integrate into the new environment faster and reduce the time cost of learning to a certain extent.

Other prizes
2019 Red Dot Concept Award 2020 ASIA DESIGN PRIZE GOLD WINNER

Photo Credit: Lei Chen