2020 / Children Products / Children Products / Student

Children's birthday candles

  • Prizes
    Winner in Children Products/Children Products
  • Lead Designer
    Menghua Wang
  • Design Team
    Yu Jiang, Jianzhong Zhu, Xinyu Zhang, Rongren Li,Yining Chen
  • University
    Liaoning Shihua University

Children decorate with hands, just like toys. Overall design of the suit, including birthday hat and other accessories. There are six roles in space travel: larey: astronaut, showing off, big eyes; Rilla: inventor, making his own spaceship; khaki: astronaut, carefree, like running; Smith: leader, experienced, beer belly; Maigey: astronaut, simple mind, surprised expression; Star: astronaut, big belly, tooth decay, fantasy.

Photo Credit: Menghua Wang