2020 / Transportation / Other Transportation Design / Professional

New B/C seat called "FUSIO"

  • Prizes
    Winner in Transportation/Other Transportation Design
  • Company
    Safran Seats France, France
  • Lead Designer
    Franck Jasny
  • Design Team
    Safran Seats
  • Client
    Potential all airlines
  • Other credit
    Safran Seats

We imagine, and then re-imagine the perfect seat. We envisioned and simulated a series of relaxing positions to relieve stress and provide comfortable support with an optimal sense of space. We then created our most fully-realized seating concept, the FUSIO, bringing passengers lasting impressions of exceptional living room, a perfect quantum of privacy in a home away from home.
The Fusio reinvents the business class experience.
The Business-First Class seats Fusio is an answer to catch part of the First Class market thanks to its seat attributes as well as the super business class market.

Photo Credit: Safran Seats France
Credits: Safran Seats