2020 / Packaging Design / Beauty and Health / Professional


  • Prizes
    Winner in Packaging Design/Beauty and Health
  • Company
    Blond , United Kingdom
  • Lead Designer
    James Melia
  • Design Team
    Greg Furniaux, Pierre Sorgniard
  • Client
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Fussy is the worlds first; 100% recyclable, 100% natural, refillable deodorant with bio-degradable refills. When designing the deodorant; we decided to start from scratch, to lean into the restrictions and re-ask some fundamental questions that would allow us to reimagine the product completely. And so, we right back to the drawing board. The result is a deodorant casing, containing natural ingredients; inspired by natural forms. Like the humble pebble; we designed the housing to appear as though it has been worn away over time. Which, in turn, emphasises the purpose of the product; longevity.

Photo Credit: Blond