2020 / Life Science Design / Medical/Scientific Machinery / Professional

The Absorbance 96

  • Prizes
    Winner in Life Science Design/Medical/Scientific Machinery
  • Company
    Byonoy Gmbh, Germany
  • Lead Designer
    Dr. Yousef Nazirizadeh
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  • Other credit
    Pictures And Presentation By Hansen/2

From drug discovery to medical diagnostics, microplate readers have varied applications. In contrast to traditional readers, the Absorbance 96 boasts a simple, modern elegance. Being the first portable device of its kind, the Absorbance 96 is roughly 10 times smaller than its predecessors. The clean housing cut from a single block of aluminum highlights the reduced complexity and purist mentality behind the instrument. The open concept accentuates the intuitive nature of the device and its user-friendliness. The cool, smooth feel of the aluminum tells of high-quality engineering and precision.

Photo Credit: Byonoy Gmbh
Credits: Pictures and presentation by Hansen/2