2020 / Illumination / Outdoor lighting_IL / Professional


  • Prizes
    Winner in Illumination/Outdoor lighting
  • Company
    Stan Maes Product Design, Belgium
  • Lead Designer
    Stan Maes
  • Design Team
    Klaus Rahne, Danny Snyers, Stijn Pittomvils, Evi Peuters
  • Client
  • Other credit
    Pictures By Stan Maes

Nio is a new type of outdoor lighting.
The linear light is a clear differentiating quality compared to most competitor products.
His sleek architecture integrates seamless in the environment.
The L-shape enables light in two perpendicular directions.
On public places this gives a clear space defining function.
At gang ways of stairs, the signalisation function is prominent.
The armature is build up out of an aluminium extrusion profile and a polycarbonate extrusion profile.
Disassembling is made easy to enable pure recycling.


Stan Maes Product Design is an agency offering product design services to the industry.
Since 1997 Stan Maes gathers experiences from various areas like sports goods, consumer goods, professional tools, lighting and furniture.
Strategic thinking from the clients and the consumers perspective, promise designs that bring your company forward on the short term and the long term.
The deep understanding of materials, production methods and new technologies results in innovative and durable products every time again.

Other prizes
IF Award 2012, IF Award 2016, Red Dot Award 2016, Muse Design Award 2019, European Product Design Award 2019

Photo Credit: Stan Maes Product Design
Credits: Pictures by Stan Maes