2020 / Flora And Fauna / Hydroponic devices / Professional


  • Prizes
    Winner in Flora and fauna/Hydroponic devices
  • Company
    Bace, Australia
  • Lead Designer
    Toby Farmer
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Rotofarm is the most space-efficient vegetable planter in the world. Unravelling the farmbed would create a garden 1.5 m long, all in a 30 cm footprint on your kitchen countertop. Grow large amounts of organic vegetables right where you need it. In your kitchen. Plants are automatically fed with ideal levels of water & nutrients from the base reservoir. Rotofarm blends seamlessly into your kitchen or interior environment. Rotofarm is made from stainless steel, aluminium & durable silicone. Its stainless steel stand rotates 180-degrees for easy access. A sustainable source of food for the home.

Australian Toby Farmer founded Bace to develop biotechnology products to help the world and enrich lives. After dropping out of his science degree at the University of Melbourne, Rotofarm is Toby's first consumer product design.
"Rotofarm takes healthy organic food out of plastic packaging and into your kitchen."
"The agricultural industry grows more destructive day by day. Rotofarm brings part of the farm right into your kitchen as a sustainable source of healthy, organic food in a beautiful, technologically-advanced & all-in-one system."
Now everyone can grow food at home with Rotofarm.

Other prizes
Shortlisted Dezeen Awards 2019 Winner Gold London Design Awards 2019 Shortlisted New York Design Awards 2019

Photo Credit: Bace