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"cogvisAI" The Intelligent Fall Sensor

  • Prizes
    Winner in Design for Society/Design for Elders
  • Company
    CONVOIDESIGN Stanek KG, Austria
  • Lead Designer
    Christian Stanek
  • Design Team
    Peter Spitaler
  • Client
    COGVIS software und consulting GmbH
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-- Falls are the highest risk of injuries for people over 65 years of age -- "FEARLESS System" is a smart solution for use in nursing and retirement homes. It consists of a combination of a 3D sensor installed in the room and artificial intelligence in the form of a sophisticated algorithm that evaluates motion patterns. The 3D sensor detects movement patterns in the room, processes and analyses them continuously. If a critical movement is detected, e.g. a person falls down, the system reacts by alerting a carer. The alarm can be transmitted via existing alarm systems or via SMS to a relative.

"Design is joy and passion. -- the courage to change."

Design encompasses the entire process of resolving complex tasks in order to improve - optimize - the conditions of our human environment in an evolutionary or innovative way.

CONVOIDESIGN Stanek KG was founded in 2009 by Christian Stanek and Peter Spitaler. Both graduated in Industrial Design from The University of Applied Arts, Vienna.

Other prizes
CIS - International Design Award 2009

Photo Credit: Convoidesign Stanek Kg