2020 / Packaging Design / Beauty and Health / Student


  • Prizes
    Winner in Packaging Design/Beauty and Health
  • Lead Designer
    Yi-Yun Li
  • Design Team
    Yi-Yun Li, Min-Hua Tsai, I-Jie Tsay, Yu-Ching Chiu, Advisor: Prof. Kai-Chu Li
  • Other credit
    Advisor: Prof. Kai-chu Li
  • University
    National Taipei University of Education (Ntue )

COOL DOWN integrates antipyretic syrup packs and disposable antipyretic first aid patches to relieve acute fever in kids or patients in inadequate medical or epidemic areas.
Users can take different doses of COOL DOWN by their age and weight, which can effectively reduce fever and relieve discomfort for patients, improve the inconvenience and cost of using multiple products.
COOL DOWN is equipped with color-changing hydrogel to determine body temperature, prevents patients from taking needless antipyretics when the fever isn’t higher than 38.5 degrees and inhibiting self-defending mechanism.

Photo Credit: Yi-yun Li
Credits: Advisor: Prof. Kai-Chu Li