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2019 / Transportation / Other Transportation Design / Professional

LEAOS Pressed bike

  • Prizes
    Silver in Transportation/Other Transportation Design
  • Company
    Leaos, Italy
  • Lead Designer
    Harry Thaler
  • Design Team
    Design Studio Harry Thaler
  • Client
  • Project Link

Pressed bike, made of two pressed alluminium halves, completely new design options due to production method, slightly retro.

100% made in Italy, completely industrialized, only of its type( single speed) with battery that can be taken out from the top tube and locked double by seattube and lock

Our inspiration was the pressed chair made by Harry Thaler.

The objective is to bring new styles into bicycle industry and to bring back production from china to Europe due to industrialization. This bike is made on automotive standard.

Photo Credit: Leaos