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2019 / Transportation / Alternative Fuel Vehicles / Professional

Zapp Scooter i300

  • Prizes
    Silver in Transportation/Alternative Fuel Vehicles
  • Company
    Zapp Scooters Limited, United Kingdom
  • Lead Designer
    Warin Thanathawee
  • Design Team
    Swin Chatsuwan (Chief Executive Officer), Namkarn Munprasit (Technical Engineer Designer), CORdesign Studio Co., Ltd.
  • Client
    Zapp Scooters Limited
  • Project Link

We have created the new design language for the next generation scooter and created a revolution in electric high-performance personal transportation. It’s simple – we offer scooters with style and relevance to urban lifestyles.
At Zapp, we always knew that urban commuting and getting to your destination quickly and efficiently was achievable through electric technology. We also knew that with the right design and engineering, it would be possible to bring high-end motorcycle performance to the scooter ride in a way that was fun and city-stylish, responsive to those with urban lives.

Photo Credit: Zapp Scooters Limited