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2019 / Packaging Design / Food / Professional


  • Prizes
    Gold in Packaging Design/Food
  • Company
    Zavie Design Studio, Iran
  • Lead Designer
    Ahmad (Vahid) Tavakoli Karnagh
  • Design Team
    Majid Razmi Khanghah ،Fahimeh HADADCHI, Dr. S.Reza MORTEZAEI, Saeid TAVAKOLI

Comfi-bottle is a simple yet revised ketchup bottle which makes all its content pouring out easily and comfortably. Its clever structure brings ease of use and usability. The whole idea is embedded within the accordion-body shape of the bottle. Right at the center where normally is gripped for squeezing, a simple and an easy pump-shape mechanism is in operation. In fact, the built-in pump can ergonomically be squeezed at all times, particularly when the sauce has settled at the bottom of the bottle. Preventing hitting, smashing and struggling for the last few drops! Comfi helps people.

Photo Credit: Zavie Design Studio