2019 / Packaging Design / Beverage / Professional


  • Prizes
    Silver in Packaging Design/Beverage
  • Company
    Coruñesa De Etiquetas S.L., Spain
  • Lead Designer
  • Design Team
    Alberto de Souza, Javier Castro, David Barreira, Sara García, Patricia Urzión, Angela Pereira, Martín Longueira.
  • Client

Following our line of making wine labels with which people can interact, we created the first 3D label with vision glasses included in the label itself.
We designed the label as a tribute to the 3D movie broadcast by TVE in 1984, FORT IT.
We created a design with a nod to the world of wine, replacing the gun with the pruning tool. We made an illustration manually with pencil and paper and prepared the 3D effect in photoshop, the design on the label itself and with a trepado we added the vision glasses so that the client can enjoy the label taking them out.

Photo Credit: Coruñesa De Etiquetas S.l.