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2019 / Outdoor And Exercise Equipment / Outdoors, trekking and camping / Professional

VSSL Camp Supplies

  • Prizes
    Silver in Outdoor and Exercise Equipment/Outdoors, trekking and camping
  • Company
    VSSL Outdoor Utility Tools, Canada
  • Lead Designer
    Todd Weimer
  • Project Link

We wanted a faster and more reliable way to prepare, organize, carry and access our crucial camp gear, so we made the world's most versatile outdoor adventure kit.

VSSL Camp Supplies takes the form of a traditional flashlight and extends its functionality way beyond illumination. Every VSSL is perfectly stocked with over 70 pieces of essential outdoor gear that doesn't compromise on quality, weight, or valuable pack space. It’s like the Swiss army knife of camp gear, and it'll change the way you prepare for outdoor adventure.

Photo Credit: Vssl Outdoor Utility Tools