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2019 / Outdoor And Exercise Equipment / Bicycle and bicycle accessories / Professional


  • Prizes
    Bronze in Outdoor and Exercise Equipment/Bicycle and bicycle accessories
  • Company
    Carqon, Netherlands
  • Lead Designer
    Team Carqon
  • Design Team
    Sander van Oosterum, Walter van Tuijl, Imre Verhoeven, Frank Wijlhuizen, Brian Hoehl, Stéphanie Hoekstra, Maarten Swijnenburg
  • Project Link

Carqon wants to offer ambitious parents the freedom and convenience of a distinctive cargo bike which distances itself from the current cargo bikes. Via a stylish, sturdy and thoughtfully designed cargo bike, fully equipped with reliable high-end quality parts. Carqon is an exclusive mobility solution for parents who want to benefit from the freedom and convenience of a cargo bike. Carqon, move in style.

Photo Credit: Carqon