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2019 / Other Products Designs / Industrial Machines / Professional


  • Prizes
    Bronze in Other Products designs/Industrial Machines
  • Company
    Dekonform | Büro Für Gestaltung, Germany
  • Lead Designer
    Karl-Ludwig Holl
  • Design Team
    Jörg Walther, Jörg Hofmann
  • Client
    Waldrich Coburg
  • Project Link

Highest quality, unique design, ease of use and perfect functionality were the main intentions to the portal milling machine Taurus build by Waldrich Coburg and designed by dekonform. With its white colour and futuristic look, its design is very different from the standard machine tools. The machine-design, also its environment, was part of the development- /engineering -process from the first second on and created an totally new appearence for portal milling machines.

Photo Credit: Dekonform | Büro Für Gestaltung