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2019 / Office Equipment / Office equipment / Professional


  • Prizes
    Bronze in Office Equipment/Office equipment
  • Company
    Alegre Design, Spain
  • Lead Designer
    Marcelo Alegre Poussy
  • Design Team
    Andres Baldoví, Ana Llobet
  • Client
    Actiu Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
  • Project Link

Noom has a transversal design with a smooth silhouette produced for durability and constant use in public spaces, whether in offices or contract environments, with an enormous capacity for customization, including various options with regard to seat and structure. The creation process began by experimenting with folded fabrics to create a new geometry. The study of manual craftsmanship enabled the creation of shapes in a product that represented a technical challenge with regard to seems and finishes. Noom represents a technological leap in the field of furniture upholstery.

Creating experiences through products.For us, designing means contributing a concept,defining new uses and creating experiences that contribute well-being to the users.The product is the experience that the user obtains through the object.We not only design the aesthetics of the object but create a project that takes into account factors such as ergonomics,production processes and the users’ needs.
This is Alegre Design,an industrial design studio,which,through its extensive experience over the last 15 years, is capable of detecting future scenarios, creating new strategies or reinventing it.

Photo Credit: Alegre Design