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2019 / Transportation / Nautical/Boats / Student

Strider - The cradle to cradle boat

  • Prizes
    Silver in Transportation/Nautical/Boats
  • Lead Designer
    Bastian Tödter
  • University
    University of Applied Sciences Salzburg

The Strider is an sustainable, electrically supported concept for an alternative pedal boat that fits into the circular economy. In contrast to boats that have been made from crude oil-based materials for years, it is made from renewable European materials such as flax fibre and cork. The design was inspired by the light-footed water strider, which creates the appearance of weightlessness. The boat construction is defined by modularity, because the four floats can be quickly released by a twist lock, which ensure easy repair and results in the life cycle of the product being extended.

Photo Credit: Bastian Tödter