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2019 / Transportation / Nautical/Boats / Student

Sapphire 43m Fast Planing Hybrid Motor Yacht

  • Prizes
    Gold in Transportation/Nautical/Boats
  • Lead Designer
    7seas yacht design
  • Design Team
    Matthias Krenz, Chrystelle Guisso, Alp Olguner
  • Other credit
    Images Credits Belong To 7seas Yacht Design, 2019
  • University
    Politecnico Di Milano

The planing hull yacht Sapphire that we developed in this project gives a fast adaption to the yacht industry in all related requirements with an well balanced character to reach the midterm aim of the future demand of yacht design and construction without reducing the comfort and speed of an prestige transportation product.
The Design DNA is developed with high attention to shipyard production standards in Styling, Design, General Arrangement, and Hull Simulation.

The multidisciplinary, dynamic and innovative 7seas Yacht Design Team consists several years of qualification in different yacht related industries. Designer Matthias Krenz with automotive design background,
designer Alp Olguner with industrial design experience and architect Chrystelle Guisso with qualification in interior design.
In University where they worked and developed 4 different motoryacht and sailboats until they started in summer 2018 a new project to share their own vision of an additional project with an hybrid-planing hull in topic to establish together their own business.

Photo Credit: 7seas Yacht Design
Credits: Images credits belong to 7seas yacht design, 2019