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2019 / Transportation / Auto/Truck/Mobile Home / Student

Traffic Bridge

  • Prizes
    Bronze in Transportation/Auto/Truck/Mobile Home
  • Lead Designer
    Ao Li,Jiachen Jiang,Yunqing Tang,Wenxuan Xu,
  • University
    Changsha University of Science and Technology

Traffic jams are often caused when accidents happen on highways. Generally speaking, we can only wait for the order of the traffic police to clear the road. Although there is traffic police order, but the efficiency is very low, it is difficult to restore traffic in a short time.
The rescue vehicle arrives at the accident site through the emergency channel, and sets the automatic folding suspension bridge on the site as the temporary road, the bridge plate automatically expands and expands, through the hydraulic column support,safe and efficient.

Photo Credit: Ao Li,jiachen Jiang,yunqing Tang,wenxuan Xu,