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2019 / Other Products Designs / Other Products designs / Student

Portable Mitre Saw

  • Prizes
    Bronze in Other Products designs/Other Products designs
  • Lead Designer
    Luqian Wang, Nanxi Liu, Zeyuan Zhang, Zhiyu Shi
  • Design Team
    Celia Wu, Guangcun Wang, Bowen Duan, Denis Alexis Lucas Idelson, Amarpreet Gill, Xiaogang Yang, Yi-Teng Shih
  • Other credit
    Luqian Wang,nanxi Liu,zeyuan Zhang,zhiyu Shi, Etc.

This project requires innovation in a mature market which has been properly developed for decades. Due to the large size of the mitre saw itself, it causes huge problems for the potability scenario. Therefore, the design aims to solves this problem. However, the key issue is to maintain most of the function of a mitre saw while keep its size reduced. Meanwhile, the foldable structure of the base should be properly designed to maintain the stability of the machine.

Photo Credit: Luqian Wang, Nanxi Liu, Zeyuan Zhang, Zhiyu Shi
Credits: Luqian Wang,Nanxi Liu,Zeyuan Zhang,Zhiyu Shi, etc.