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2019 / Other Products Designs / Other Products designs / Student

EZ Grids

  • Prizes
    Silver in Other Products designs/Other Products designs
  • Lead Designer
    Yimiao Zhang
  • Design Team
    Yimiao Zhang
  • Project Link
  • University
    Savannah College of Art and Design

EZ Grids is a perspective drawing tool designed for designers, artists, and other professionals with the need to conduct complex and precise perspective drawing on paper. Building accurate perspective grids on paper is always time-consuming, and it is not uncommon that the location of vanishing points and related auxiliary vanishing points lies outside paper area, which makes it even harder to start. EZ Grids enables users to create and project a set of grids onto desk surface, breaking the limitation of paper size and saving much time compared to drawing grids by hand.

Photo Credit: Yimiao Zhang