2019 / Office Equipment / Desk Accessories / Student


  • Prizes
    Bronze in Home Interior Products/Interior Decoration, Bronze in Office Equipment/Desk Accessories
  • Lead Designer
    Elham Mirzapour
  • Other credit
    Elham Mirzapour
  • University
    I. Art University Of Tabriz

The induction of a mysterious sense of weightlessness and suspension of the fourth dimension of that time.This clock consists of two parts. A suspended sphere that is the symbol of the universe, and a ring around it that symbolizes the gateway of time. The ring, illuminates the clock hand light on the sphere, and also makes magnetic field to keep the ball in the air. Ball is also suspended in the air, and displayed the clock hand light on itself as clock time. The sense of suspension of time. Magnetime is beyond the time display. It reminds you of the mysterious of time, by each time you look.

Other prizes
2018, Silver, A Design and Competition, Como/ Italy 2018, Gold, IDA (International Design Awards), Los Angeles/ USA 2017, Emerging Best product designer of the year, IDA (International Design Awards), Los Angeles/ USA

Photo Credit: Elham Mirzapour
Credits: Elham Mirzapour