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2019 / Lifestyle And Travel / Umbrellas / Student


  • Prizes
    Bronze in Lifestyle and Travel/Umbrellas
  • Lead Designer
    Jiachen Jiang
  • Design Team
    XiaoLin Gao;Ao Li;YaoYao Wang;DiXin Chen
  • University
    Changsha University of Science and Technology

On rainy days, the downpour and bustling crowds bring lots of inconvenience to those parents who have taken the kids out. An umbrella could not cover two people completely. What’s more, children are easily dispersed by the crowd. To solve above problems, our umbrella shows up. It not only solves the inconvenience of taking the kids out on rainy days, but also solves the security risks. When you need two umbrellas, just take down the small umbrella. And on the basis of parent-child umbrella, we chose to show the concept of "guarding" by selecting the double-stick with protective effect.

Photo Credit: Jiachen Jiang