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2019 / Lifestyle And Travel / Comfort and Security Items / Student


  • Prizes
    Gold in Lifestyle and Travel/Comfort and Security Items
  • Lead Designer
    Víctor Vilar San José
  • University
    Esada Escuela Superior De Arte Y Diseño De Andalucía

Tail is a T-shaped seat, designed to sit in those times when we are tired and there is no place to rest or they all are busy. For all these situations we just have to take our product and sit on it. It is made out of four cylinders of beech wood, they assemble together to acquire the final form. All tubes are empty inside where it is located a rubber band that joins them with some tension, thus allowing the user to easily either pick “tail” up or assemble it. The small size of the product allows it to be stored in a backpack easily. A product that can be used quickly, easily and safely.

Photo Credit: Víctor Vilar San José